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Little London Cafe Chichester Menus

Please click through our menus below to see what food we offer at our Cafe in Chichester, we are currently offering a special menu for Lunch.

Breakfast Menu

Our breakfast menu is available until 11.30am

English Breakfast £6.95
2 fried or poached eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, beans and a slice of buttered toast
Light Breakfast £4.95
Fried or poached egg, bacon, sausage, beans, grilled tomato and a slice of buttered toast
Scrambled Egg (made with 3 eggs and served with buttered toast)
Mushroom and tomatoes £5.75
Bacon £5.75
Sausage £5.75
Smoked salmon £6.50
Eggs Benedict £5.95
Toasted muffin topped with bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
Eggs on toast £4.15
2 fried, poached or scrambled eggs served with buttered toast.
Fruit and Granola £4.25
Freshly chopped fruits with natural yoghurt and granola.
Bacon, Sausage or fried egg sandwich £3.95
Toasted tea cake and butter £1.75
Toast and butter £1.75
Warm croissant and butter £1.75
Warm scone and butter £1.75
Toasted crumpets with butter £1.50
Jam £0.50

Main Menu

Sandwiches £5.50
Served on white, brown or granary bread with salad and crisps
Humous, rocket and avocado
Stilton and grape
Prawn mayonnaise and avocado
Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Ham and French mustard
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise
Panini or Toasted Sandwich £5.95
Served with salad and crisps
Mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and basil pesto
Goat's cheese, tomato and olive
Chicken mayonnaise
Ham, cheese and tomato
Bacon, brie and cranberry
Bacon, stilton and caramelised onion
Triple Decker Toasted Sandwiches £6.50
Served on white, brown or granary bread with salad and crisps
Mediterranean - Roasted vegetables, basil pesto, mozzarella and salad
Manhattan - Chicken mayonnaise, bacon and salad
Trawlerman - Prawn mayonnaise, smoked mackerel pate and salad
Melts £6.50
Thick sliced toasted bloomer bread with your choice of topping, served with salad and coleslaw
Tuna mayonnaise and cheddar cheese melt
Ham, pineapple and cheddar cheese melt
Bacon, brie and cranberry
Bacon, stilton and caramelised onion
Rarebits £6.95

Little London's homemade rarebit mix on thick sliced toasted bloomer bread, then grilled till golden, served with salad and tomato chutney

Traditional Welsh rarebit
Hawaiian rarebit
Stilton rarebit
Brie and tomato rarebit
Bacon and egg rarebit
Salads £7.95
Stilton, walnut and pear
Warm goat's cheese
Tuna Nicoise
Warm chicken, bacon and avocado
Omelettes £6.25
Served with salad and coleslaw
Cheese and tomato
Cheese and bacon
Ham and mushroom
Goat's cheese and spinach
Jacket Potatoes £6.25
Served with salad and coleslaw
Cheese and beans
Goats cheese and caramelised red onion
Cheese and bacon
Bacon and brie
Tuna mayonnaise and cheddar cheese
Prawn mayonnaise
Smoked salmon and dill creme fraiche
Chilli and cheese

Dessert Menu

Ice Cream Sundaes £4.95
Chocolate brownie
Knickerbocker glory
Ice Cream
Choice of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream
1 Scoop £1.50
2 Scoops £2.50
3 Scoops £3.25
Cakes from £1.00
See our cake display counter for today's choices of cakes, slices, biscuits and scones

Afternoon Menu

Our afternoon menu is available after 2.00pm

Afternoon High Tea £9.95
Relax and indulge yourself with our afternoon high tea. Enjoy a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and biscuits with a choice of teas from our selection of loose leaf teas.
Cream Tea £4.50
Fruit or plain scone with butter, jam and clotted cream served with a pot of tea from our selection of loose leaf tea.
Coffee and cake £3.25
Relax with one of our freshly ground or cafetiere coffees and a piece of homemade cake.
Cakes from £1.00
See our cake display counter for today's choice of cakes, slices, biscuits and scones.

Soft/Hot Drinks Menu

Soft Drinks
Squash/cordial (orange, ribena, lime) £0.95
Hildon sparkling/still water £1.60
Tonic water £1.60
Canned drinks £1.60
Tomato juice £1.60
Orange juice £1.95
Appledram apple juice £1.95
Elderflower presse £1.95
Orange Juice and lemonade £2.25
Milkshakes £2.95
Fruit Smoothies £3.25
Hot Drinks
Cafetiere coffee £1.90
Caffe Americano £1.90
Espresso £1.90
Macchiatto £1.90
Cappuccino £2.00
Caffe Latte £2.00
Caffe Moccha £2.25
Extra shot espresso £0.30
Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate £1.90
Hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows £2.15
Loose Leaf Teas

Pot of loose leaf tea with milk or lemon


English breakfast tea
A blend of Assam and East African teas. Full bodied flavoursome tea with a bright colour and excellent malty taste.

Earl grey
A sophisticated blend of high quality China black teas and natural oil of Bergamot.

A full bodied muscatel flavoured cup, definitely a cup for the connoisseur.

Green leaf tea
Refreshing, full bodied, slightly astringent, infusion time 3 minutes for optimum flavour.

Ceylon BOP (broken orange pekoe)
High quality black tea from Sri Lanka, famed for its taste and aroma, reminiscent of citrus.

Camomile flowers
Mellow aroma with a faint floral taste to ensure a lighter, cleaner taste. Wonderfully calming both as a daytime drink and at bedtime.

Jasmine flowers
Delicate perfume with dissipating sweetness, a light golden liquor often used as an aid to digestion and cleansing the palate.

Lapsang souchong
Orthodox, large leaf Chinese black tea smoked over wood logs. Unique, smoky, full bodied taste. One for the adventurer!

Naturally uncaffeinated made from Rooibos shrub Aspalathus linearis. Rich in antioxidants and a naturally sweet tasting drink.

Rubbed mint
Naturally caffeine free with a distinctive taste and aroma, often used as a breath freshener. This refreshing drink is at its best when sipped after a meal to aid digestion.

Mixed berries
A true fruit tea with no caffeine. The natural sweetness in fruit means sugar is not necessarily required keeping the calorie count down.

Fruit Tropicana
Tropical punch fruit tisane is an infusion of mango, papaya, pineapple, grapes and citrus peels, a delicious caffeine free cocktail.

Alcoholic Drinks Menu

Alcohol only served from 12 noon when accompanied by a main meal

White Wines
Emiliana Sauvignon Blanc
Dry and fruity with a touch of citrus
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.25 Bottle £13.50
Pinot Grigio Ancora
Light, easy and fresh
125ml £3.95 175ml £4.50 Bottle £15.00
A light fruity white with a hint of sweetness. Low in alcohol
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.25 Bottle £13.50
Red Wines
Emiliana Merlot
Soft and juicy, packed with flavour
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.25 Bottle £13.50
Cabernet Sauvignon
A firm dark red with plenty of bite
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.25 Bottle £13.50
Rose Wines
Reserve St Roch, Cinsault Rose
A fresh, light Rose from southern France
125ml £3.75 175ml £4.25 Bottle £13.50
Pinot Grigio 'Blush' Sanvigilio
Italian classic with a twist of pink
125ml £3.95 175ml £4.50 Bottle £15.00
Beer, Cider, Lager
Horsham Best Bitter 500ml 3.8% ABV £3.95
Mallard Ale 500ml 5% ABV £3.95
Apple dram cider 500ml 6.5% ABV £3.95
Becks Lager, 275 ml bottle 5% ABV £2.75